About us

About us

Through experience we learn, with respect we grow.

Bystrá škôlka believes that children are much wiser, more capable and courageous beings than we can imagine. Our mission is to accompany and support the child to grow and get to know the world with respect and naturally, in a stimulating and safe environment that is based on the principles of Montessori pedagogy, English language and is in line with the state curriculum for pre-primary education. Child from Bystrá škôlka becomes at the end happy, confident and satisfied preschooler with knowledge.

A safe, stimulating and healthy environment- The most important and paramount for us is safety. Bystrá škôlka for children creates a prepared environment which, thanks to the application of the principles of Montessori pedagogy, is very stimulating for their development. All our efforts are directed towards a healthy lifestyle of the modern age, not only with a quality food, but also with a regular activities in external environment.

To respect and to be respected- Mutual respect and esteem are key for us. Through cooperation and experience, we grow together and learn from each other. We respect the feelings of children, their mood, but also their needs, and we consider their individual and current settings. When communicating, we have a dialogue on how to find a common solution, but we follow the established rules. We also treat our parents transparently with respect and dignity. We are open and honest in communication and ready to deal with suggestions and any kind of matter.

Integrity and quality- We are constantly working on ourselves, educating ourselves and following current trends. We place great emphasis on the quality of our teachers and lecturers. Our correctness and sense of fairness is our cellular identity, we are decent. We value long-term relationships and partnerships. We honor deep trust.

Montessori principles and connection with the state educational program- Our main pedagogical direction is the application of Montessori principles, because we believe in them. However, our education system also follows the curriculum of the state education program for pre-primary education in Slovakia because we are aware of the need for continuity in the next life cycle. The proof is the fact that Bystrá školka is included in the network of schools and school facilities of the Slovak Republic and our nursery is registered as a Provider of social services at the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic.