About us

About us

Through experience we learn, with respect we grow.

Bystrá škôlka believes that children are much wiser, more capable and courageous beings than we can
imagine. Our objective is to guide and nurture children as they develop and explore the world,
fostering their growth with respect and a natural approach within a stimulating and secure
environment. This environment aligns with the principles of Montessori education, incorporates
English language instruction, and adheres to the pre-primary education curriculum set by the state.
By the end of their time at Bystrá škôlka, each child transforms into a content, self-assured, and
knowledgeable preschooler.

A safe, stimulating and healthy environment - At Bystrá škôlka, safety takes precedence above all else.
We craft a carefully prepared environment that, thanks to the incorporation of Montessori
pedagogical principles, offers significant stimuli for children's growth. Our central aim revolves
around promoting a healthy modern lifestyle, encompassing not only nutritious food but also
regular outdoor activities.

To respect and to be respected - Mutual respect and regard are fundamental values for us. Through
collaboration and shared experiences, we collectively grow and glean insights from one another.
We hold a deep respect for children's feelings, moods, and individual needs, always considering
their unique and current circumstances. In our communication, we engage in dialogues aimed at
finding common solutions, while adhering to established rules. We also extend transparency,
respect, and dignity to our interactions with parents. Our communication is characterized by
openness and honesty, and we are receptive to suggestions and any matters that require attention.

Integrity and quality - Continuous self-improvement, ongoing education, and staying abreast of
contemporary developments are integral to our ethos. We prioritize the excellence of our educators
and instructors. Our commitment to integrity and fairness is ingrained in our core identity; we
uphold high standards of decency. We hold long-term relationships and partnerships in high
esteem, cherishing the foundation of deep trust.

Monetessori principles and pre-primary education programme - Our core pedagogical approach
centers around the application of Montessori principles, reflecting our strong belief in their
effectiveness. Nevertheless, we also integrate the state's pre-primary education program in Slovakia
into our educational system, emphasizing the importance of maintaining educational continuity as
children progress. Our dedication to this integration is evident through Bystrá školka's inclusion in
the network of recognized schools and educational institutions in the Slovak Republic, along with
our nursery's registration as a provider of social services under the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs,
and Family of the Slovak Republic.