Enquiry about the child

Enquiry about the child

Necessary things for a Kindergarten Child

  • Sturdy footwear for indoor
  • Spare set of clothing, including underwear
  • Waterproof rainwear, including rubber boots
  • Pajamas
  • Apron for art education and baking
  • Towel on hand
  • Hair comb
  • Toothbrush and cup
  • Copy of the child's insurance card
  • Seasonal outdoor clothing and boots - we go outside in any weather
  • All personal belongings must be marked with the child's name and surname


Necessary things for a Nursery Child

  • same as Kindergarten plus
  • Drinking bottle
  • Diapers and changing supplies

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Any sponsorship or donation please address to our civic non-profit organization.

Specifically for Slovakia it is possible to allocated 2% of taxes to a non-profit organization. Therefore, we would like to ask you on behalf of your children for our support in the form of a 2% tax allocation to our civic association Bystré škôlky. All contributions and support will be used exclusively in accordance with the statutes of the civic association, so that our Bystrá škôlka will continue to thrive. Thank you.
Name: Bystré škôlky
Form: Občianske združenie
Address: Delená 11, 841 07 Bratislava
ID: 50650084
Account number: SK42 1100 0000 0029 4603 4278
For more guidance on how to allocate 2% of taxes please visit this website: http://rozhodni.sk